March 10, 2011

Finally back

Well, well.. Hello there guys! So glad to be back.

Vacations were great. Had a great time with my girlfriend :)

I also passed a killer exam earlier today, so I'm quite happy :P

No reviews today unfortunately, but tomorrow be sure to check back. I'm planning on making a video game review of a game I think has been totally ignored and overshadowed by a totally different sequel.

I'm talking about... DUNE (the original, not Dune 2)

ALSO: I'm curious about your opinion. Would you like me to review new game releases? or focus on old games that may/have been for the most part ignored? .. or perhaps have a shot at some Indie games? (there are a few very worthy of reviewing.. like Machinarium)

Let me know what you think in the comment section, and according to the number of comments, I'll make a couple of reviews based on your decision.

See you soon!


Unknown said...

welcome back
and i like more indie&old games

wolvz said...

glad you're back. looking forward to your next review :)

T3CH said...

Old retro games are the best ^-^

ed said...

welcome back, you should review some indie games

Jessica Thompson said...

Welcome back! Check out my blog,

Spike said...

Isn't dune one early rts game ?

Colin and Nickolas said...

welcome back bro

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