February 21, 2011


Hello guys.. welcome back to Paul's Game Reviews.

Today we have an Indie title that broke all records.. and deservingly so. I'm talking about: Minecraft.

Developed by Markus Persson, the game puts you in the shoes of a nameless man whose sole purpose is to... create. In a way, its Lego meets Garry's Mod, in the land of awesome.
Currently in its Beta stage, the primary (and for now, only) game mode is Survival. In it, you'll find yourself in a huge randomly generated world, where you'll have to gather wood, stone, iron, and other materials, in order to protect yourself from the evil monsters that lurk in the dark.
One of the endless beautiful creations.
Of course that, after a few days of sleeping in a 3x3 cube of dirt, you'll want to expand a little bit. And boy does Minecraft provide. Given the many tools, including picks, axes, doors, switches, and many MANY more provided, there's just limitless amounts of fun to be had.
I, personally, set myself the goal of creating a pixelated Marauder (from the Mechwarrior series). Will I succeed? Time will tell.
There's not much to say graphic-wise. It's 8-bit graphics at its finest. Not a whole lot to see, but I'd dare say it's part of the charm.
Music is, in my opinion, a tad bit lacking. The few soundtracks found in the game, I found very relaxing and entertaining to listen.. but more often that not.. it's just the sounds of your footsteps and the occasional hack of your tool.
I do have to say though.. that after a while the game can get a bit tedious.. especially if you're not very patient. But all you need is an idea to spark your imagination and BAM.. you're back in the game spending hours upon hours on your project.

In short.. Minecraft is a game for creative people. If you're one of those, or you have (or had) even the mildest interest in creation, then give this game a try.
If you're more of an action type who loves fancy graphics, It would probably be wise to stay away.

One can only imagine how cool the game will be once it reaches Gold status.

Rating: 8.5/10


Shockwave said...

I never have liked Minecraft, as for creation. I think I'll stick to Garrys mod ;D

wolvz said...

the graphics look weird xD but you gave it 8.5/10... i'll consider trying it :D

Colin and Nickolas said...

I cant wait to start Minecraft c:

Every Day said...

I love it but it needs to move on as lego did. mechanical parts and stuff.

Spike said...

minecraft -- more like minecrack. Can't stop playing

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