February 23, 2011

King's Bounty: Armored Princess

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Todays' review is about King's Bounty: Armored Princess

Developer:  Katauri Interactive

Few ''clones'' are worthy of recognition. Most of the time it's because they don't add anything new. They just take a formula that works, make it look and feel slightly different, and then hope that some of the original game's success will spill out to this ''new'' game.

KB:AP is the kind of clone that manages to surpass the original. (It being the Heroes of Might and Magic series)

In fact, It's in a time like this (when the HoMM franchise is struggling due to lack of innovation) where creative clones shine. And so the apprentice beats the master.

The game sets us in the fantasy realm of Endoria, where you (the princess) have to travel to the paralel world of Teana in order to save yours from a demon invasion. Fortunately for her, she has a special device which allows her to take her sweet time to gain experience, and then magically go back to the exact moment and place where the demon invasion occurs.
Amelie, the Protagonist
In this new world, you are tasked to gather several Magical Stones, and to find your mentor Sir Gilbert.
Along the way, of course, you'll be riddled with sidequests so that dozens of hours will be spent before even remotely approaching the end.
Gameplay is where KB:AP shines. It's in essence the same Strategy RPG formula that worked wonders for the HoMM of old, yet several key improvements brought a much neccesary lifting to the franchise.
To name but a few.. you'll have a Pet Dragon accompanying you on your journey, who will gain experience just like the Princess does, and learn many important abilities like Find Treasure and Dragon Dive.
The fact that there are several different dragons available with different starting skills makes up for vary interesting, diverse strategies; and also allows for some replayability, although in my opinion there should be more ''unique'' skills or ''ultimate'' abilities for each Dragon to encourage replays even more.
Even Dwarves can take on Dragons
Also, every time you gain ''runes'' (a.k.a talent points like WoW), you can spend them in three different talent trees, each with a different focus. This is a major replay factor due to the fact that several ''builds'' are available. You could choose to become a more ''Offensive melee'' princess, with armies focused on close combat, like Orcs; or perhaps become some sort of pseudo-necromancer and have an invincible army of the undead. Or any combination imaginable.
Items add to this variability as well, given the sheer amount of them available (in the hundreds), and many who provide unique powers (like upgrading magic abilities or raising some of your ''dead'' undead forces at the end of battle).

Graphicwise, I have to say that It looks a bit dated for its time. Even so, the artistic direction taken is very good, so it all evens out in the end.

The Music is quite memorable, with several cool soundtracks that will float about in your brain for hours after playing.

It would be unfair to ignore this title as a mere clone. There is much to be found in KB:AP that you won't find anywhere else, and while much in it has been done already, It's done so wonderfully and well-paced that you just don't care.

Be sure to check your watch every once in a while.. you may find yourself playing for 8 hours straight.

Rating: 9/10


Colin and Nickolas said...

man that game looks sick

Genoxd said...

Interesting I'll check it out

Raini said...

Dragons? I Love this game ;)

Mister 25 said...

will this be anything like league of legends?

Anonymous said...

Game looks good, I haven't seen this one before. Will check it out!

Nick said...

I need to hit this game up

Rondariel said...

I've never been put off by slightly outdated graphics. This game looks pretty good.

mtn said...

didn't play it yet, but looks cool. i'll check it out

The Governor said...

I might get it if i have the time.

friction said...

thanks for the review will have to look it up!

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